Flax Seeds Used by Hippocrates (Father of Medicine)

Some experts says it reduces the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart attack and stroke. Flax seeds give us iron, zinc, copper, calcium, protein, magnesium, folate, boron and fiber.
Solution: To be effective it must be ground or chewed.

Dangers of Processed Foods

For the sake of profit, companies substitute cheaper ingredients that effect our health. Use of hydrogenated oils are cheaper than the good oils; bleached white flour is cheaper than organic; store bought meats and eggs are cheaper than grass fed products. Adding excess sugar, salt, taste enhancers and appetite stimulants get us addicted.
Solution: Do not eat package or fast foods. Eat mostly a plant based diet with very little grass fed meats. Drink water.

Beets are a Great Body Detox

Beets are high in vitamin C, fiber, potassium (for nerves and muscles health), manganese
(for bones, liver, kidney and pancreas), it has vitamin B folate that prevents birth defects.
Solution: Cook beets in pressure cooker for 10 minutes they will be soft. Cut beets in chunks and bake in oven at 350 for 1/2hr. You can also grade beets then add organic dressing (this allows salad to keep longer).

Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Harvard Nurses Study

One of three, began in l976; 120,000 women were studied. Results showed the #1 cause of death was heart disease; #2 cause of death was cancer related to smoking. Conclusion: animals fats shorten life, plant fibers increase life span.
Soluiotn: Eat a plant based diet. Eat nuts 2x per week this is best for increasing life span. Do not eat any packaage foods or fast foods. These are corporate science projects

Is Meat Good For Us?

Man has been eating small portions of meat for thousands of years. The problem now is we eat large portions of meat. It is coming from animals that are not traditionally raised. The results is a skyrocket of degenerative diseases, cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
Solution: Eat mostly a plant based diet with very little meat. The portion size should be no larger than a 2 once chunk; like our ancestors ate. The meat should be grass fed beef and hormone free meats

Food Dyes and ADHD

A 2006 study in Toxicological Science Journal showed that certain dyes during the first few years of life could cause behavioral and developmental disorder in children. Question: why do we feed our children brightly colored candies and cakes?
Solution: Call companies and tell them to take out artificial dyes in breakfast bars, cereals, candies and cakes. They don’t allow this in the UK; why here? When eating cake, scrape off the icing.

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