You Can Stop Climate Change

We use 18 million barrels of oil to transport water bottles. We make 3.5 million tons of plastic to house this bottled water. Chemicals leach out of these bottles into landfills, oceans and us. This affects the climate.
Solution: Ban plastic water bottles. Bring your own water in a travel mug. We need public water fountains.

Plastic Lining Called BPA

This is found in most canned foods and plastic bottles. Dr. Michael Greger says it causes heart disease, diabetes and male sexual problems.
Solution: Make sure baby bottles and water bottles are BPA free. Do not eat canned food unless it says no BPA. Call companies and ask if can is BPA free. Eat frozen foods, fresh foods and fermented foods.

Change Your Food Change Your Life

Factory foods have too much meat, dairy, sugar and other chemicals. These lead to diseases.
Solution: Be a one ingredient eater. No fast food or package food. Eat nuts for lunch. Cook a meal in a crock pot waiting for you as you get home. Use chile pepper and other spices to stimulate your taste buds

Obesity and Poverty

The poor are mostly obese. Why? You can’t compete with a $1.oo hamburger and and other cheap fast food. It requires, no waiting, no shopping, no cooking or clean up. Initially it satisfies you but then you are hungry about 1/2 hour later. You want more.
Solution: Nuts are a cheap fast food that has no inconvenience. Make a large pot of bean soup with spices. Freeze some for later use. This is cheap nutritious food. Make peanut butter sandwiches. Change your thinking. Think of fast foods and package foods as corporate science projects.

Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in our gut. Prebiotics are the foods that feed the good bacteria. We all get some kind of gut problem such as stomach ache, ulcer, irritable bowel, colitis, food poisoning, cancer. Research shows that autistic children have a high levels of toxins in their guts.
Solution: Do not eat any package for fast foods this destroys good gut bacteria. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that feed good bacteria. Eat live yogurt and make your own kefir. Eat fermented foods, these are good bacteria foods.

Mercury in Some Processed Foods

Dr. David Wallinga says that 1/3 of products with High Fructose Corn Syrup contain high levels of mercury due to out dated processing plants. Be aware of HFCS added to drinks and processed foods. Mercury is very toxic. It damages brain development, heart, kidney and the immune system. Little children and pregnant woman should be protected, even trace amounts of mercury can be harmful.
Solution: Do not eat any package or fast foods. Be a one ingredient eater. Cook from scratch, eat nuts for lunch.

Supermarket Chickens

They come to maturity in 42 days due to hormones put in their feed. This is half the time of traditional chickens. Their bodies are abnormally heavy for their underdeveloped skeletal system which causes pain. This places a burned on their cardio system and often causes congestive heart failure. Many die from thirst because they cannot walk themselves to the water ports. Some birds die from cancer and infectious diseases. They are taken out of their natural social setting where they take care of their young and protect each other. There is a taste difference in the meat.
Solution: Pay more and eat less of a good thing. Free ranch chickens taste the best.

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