Diet Sodas Make You Fat

Dr. Marie Savard told ABC News that studies show,  just drinking one can of diet soda a day can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke by 40%. These artificial sweeteners change your brain chemistry by tricking your taste buds. This can be found in bottled water, most package foods, yogurts and many other things.
Solution: What the fuzz, drink mineral water. Drink water with lemon or organic apple cider vinegar. Do not eat any package or fast foods. Be a one ingredient eater.

School Lunches

99% of all US public schools participate in school lunch programs. This means that children are getting about 50% of their daily calories from this. This is a billion dollar budget that corporations compete for. Big business wants our children to be hooked on their low fiber, high sugar and fat foods.
Solution: There should be a new profession started called the school lunch chef. Foods should be cooked from scratch. Children should be taught urban farming and their foods should be harvested and used in the school lunches.

Sick Care verses Health Care

Go to many major hospitals or clinics and they will have fast food stations. Go to a cancer clinic and you will find color candies and donuts. Go into a hospital and you will get a meat loaf dinner or a hamburger with french fries. School lunches are filled with fast package foods from food factories. Food stamps allow you to buy package foods and pre made dinners. Aren’t these the things that got you sick.
Solution: No fast foods should be in hospitals. Have a Japanese station serving a humble bowl of rice. Have a station serving a humble baked potato. School lunches should be made from scratch using local foods. Food stamps should only buy basic foods such as fruits and vegetables, rice, potatoes and beans. Non sugar, no salt nuts are a great

Dangers of Non Stick Pans

Teflon and other non stick pans such as silverstone emit a toxic gas at high heats. The chemical emitted is perfluoroctanoic acid or PFOA. Teflon is also found in stainmaster for carpets, some lotions and make-ups. This can cause cancer and some organ damage. Thousands of bird pets have been killed in the home as a result of this. This is a 2003 20/20 report that still applies today.
Solution: Never leave your baby on these treated carpets. Use natural creams such a 100% coconut oil. Use iron pans for cooking. Food tastes so much better. Soak them in baking soda and vinegar for burn on foods.

Healthy Vending Machines?

Usually vending machines have candies and chips at are in some cases one year old. The bugs are smarter then us, they wouldn’t eat it, why do we? The cost is about $1.00. Healthier vending machines are stocking milk, breakfast bars and other package foods. Their cost is lightly higher.
Solution: Do not eat any foods from a food factory. Carry nuts, they are about 200 calories per 1/4 cup and keep you full longer.

Diet Causes Health or Disease

Dr. Denis Burkitt (1911-1993) was in charge of health in Uganda Africa for 17yrs in his career. He never saw the diseases of the west such as hearth disease, diabetes, obesity, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis and many more. These people ate high fiber unprocessed food diets. Dr. says that when no fiber, bad foods irritate colon and toxins get into your blood stream; then cells are prone to cancer in other parts of your body.
solution: Eat a high fiber mostly plant food diet with very little meat. No package or fast foods. Eat nuts as fast foods.

Culture of Cool

Farming was always considered for hicks. Cool people sat in offices and ordered food in. Where are the water fountains? The so called cool drink processed drinks. We have food deserts (no good food available) and food swamps (fast foods). Schools teach everything except basic farming. The results are, 1/2 of adults and 1/3 children in the US are obese.
Solution: Start with urban farming. Grow a pot of tomatoes. Demand that schools teach this. Learn about eatable weeds. Drink water. Eat nuts for your fast food

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